White Bentonite:


Bentonite is absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate generally impure clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite (Na,Ca)0.33(Al,Mg)2Si4O10(OH)2·(H2O)n.

The absorbent clay was given the name bentonite by an American geologist sometime after its discovery in about 1890 – after the Benton Formation (a geological stratum, at one time Fort Benton) in eastern Wyoming’s Rock Creek area.


  • Oil well drilling
  • Ceramic body composition

Product Specification:

  • Rich montmorillonite.
  • Low Sand and grit
  • Good Pillaring Agent
  • Free from Siliceous Matter and other Metallic impurities
  • Very Fine, uniformly Grounded Powder form
  • Particle Size <20µ – 98%
  • Unique water retention characteristics allows super clay hydration
  • Strong absorption and exchange capacity.
  • Adsorption of impurities in white water system
  • High thermal stability
  • Develops good green and dry strength and better flowability with optimum temper water