Ramming Mass – Silica Ramming Mass

RM Description:

Refractory materials such as Silica Ramming Mass are mainly used as linings in environments or systems that are exposed to temperatures above 1000º F or 550ºC. They are commonly used in furnaces, kilns, reactors, etc. One of the important properties of Ramming Mass is that they remain chemically and physically stable in high temperatures and can withstand any kind of abrasion or corrosion processes. There are many Ramming Mass Suppliers based in India who provide high quality Ramming Mass that has been manufactured in compliance with International standards.

Properties of Ramming Mass:

  • As already mentioned one of the most common uses of Ramming Mass is in the furnaces and kilns. They help in the smooth and efficient functioning of furnaces that are used for melting metals such as iron and steel.
  • Use of Ramming Mass helps in increasing the output as the efficiency of the process improves due to their usage.
  • One of the most important properties that Ramming Mass exhibits is thermal stability. They have amazing heat resistance capacity which is why they can be used under high temperatures required for melting metals such as iron.
  • They have very good resistance against corrosion that may be caused by any kind of solid, liquid, and gas during melting processes under high temperatures.
  • Ramming Masses are also resistant to all kinds of wearing processes that may be caused by acids and different types of chemicals.
  • Ramming Mass is a valuable material that is widely used in steel industries, chemical industries, copper refineries, etc. They have proven to be very good resistors of thermal shock and remain chemically non-reactive during any kind of processes. Silica Ramming Mass made out of an oxide of silicon is one of the most popular and widely used Ramming Masses.

Types of Ramming Mass:

There are three types of Ramming Mass are in these days

  1. Neutral Ramming Mass
  2. Basic Ramming Mass –
  3. Acidic Ramming Mass – Foundry Grade Silica Ramming Mass

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