Low Cement Castables

Product Description:

The effect of the mineral and grain composition of charges and the manufacturing technology and characteristics of vibroshaping of low-cement thixotropic castables having an alumosilicate and a corundum composition on the physicochemical properties of the obtained material are considered. Experimental refractories fabricated of low-cement castables have been tested in intermediate ladles of a continuous casting machine. The developed low-cement thixotropic castables possess high physic mechanical and operational properties and can be used in various metallurgical equipment.

Low cement castable mainly uses alumina material and silica powder as raw materials. It is a kind of powder materials and is constituted by refractory material together with some agglutinant. Alumina + Silica both are characterized by high strengths at all temperatures excellent abrasion resistance and good high-temperature properties. Ultra-low cement castables (ULCC) give further improved high-temperature properties like Hot MOR, Creep, and RUL. PreRish Tri Exim Pvt. Limited (PEPL) Manufactures Low & Ultra Low castables in Alumina Range of 45-95% purity.

PEPL manufacturers a full line of low cement and alumina low cement castable refractories that contain between 3% to 10% cement by weight. Our low cement products can be used for a variety of applications, including hot metal car tops, trough covers, furnace working hearth, iron ore preheat wall curb tile etc.



  • High Alumina (45-95%) dense low cement castables are recommended for service temperature of 1400°C to 1800°C
  • Compared to conventional castables, where strengths drop at intermediate temperatures, low cement castables exhibit increasing strengths with an increase in temperature
  • Exceptional strengths, high abrasion resistance and low level of impurities are its unique features


  • Wide ranges of standard and customized products meet the requirement of various application areas
  • Additionally, Silicon carbide based low cement castables are ideal for applications demanding high abrasion resistance and resistance to alkali coatings
  • PEPL’s products are recommended for the roof linings due to their positive permanent linear change at high temperatures.