Fly Ash



The specialization of team PreRish Tri is to provide you Fly Ash of great quality as business markets runes on Quality only. This Fly Ash is composed in an accurate manner and is free from dust scraps and other contaminations. This Fly Ash is prepared in large numbers of batches in succession to meet the rising demands of consumers. Last but not the least, this Fly Ash is prepared using hi-tech technologies before a trade in a market. Our team is involved in implementing Fly Ash, which prepares the concrete which is tough, durable and repellent to chemical attack. Deposit material such as Fly Ash and bottom ash is produced by power plants. Many other coal oxidization effects, which were handled as waste earlier, are now used by us. At coal-fuelled electric energy plants, Fly Ash is built.


  1. Fly ash can be used as prime material in blocks, paving or bricks; however, one of the most important applications is PCC pavement.
  2. PCC pavements use a large amount of concrete and substituting fly ash provides significant economic benefits.
  3. Fly ash has also been used for paving roads and as embankment and mine fill, and it’s gaining acceptance by the Federal government, specifically the Federal Highway Administration.


  • Produces various set times.
  • Cold weather resistance.
  • Higher strength gains, depending on its use.
  • Can be used as an admixture.
  • Can substitute for Portland cement.
  • Considered a non-shrink material.
  • Produces denser concrete and a smoother surface with sharper detail.
  • Great workability.
  • Reduces crack problems, permeability, and bleeding
  • Reduces heat of hydration.
  • Produces lower water/cement ratio for similar slumps when compared to no-fly ash mixes.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions.