Ferro Manganese Alloy

A variety of manganese products can give steel different properties:

Ferromanganese is used as de-oxidizer, de-sulphurizer and degasser of steel, to eliminate nitrogen and other hazardous elements that are found at the first melting of iron. It also improves mechanical properties such as harden ability and abrasion resistance from special steels. Nowadays, three grades of ferromanganese are applied in a large and growing number of industrial and consumer products:

  • Ferromanganese MC (FeMn MC) Medium Carbon
  • Ferromanganese LC (MeMn LC)  Low Carbon
  • Ferromanganese HC (FeMn HC)   High Carbon



Product description:

PreRish Tri is a leading exporter of premium quality High Carbon, Medium Carbon and Low Carbon Ferro Manganese, which plays an active role as a deoxidizer for steel. Ranging from 65% to 75% Manganese (Mn), Ferro Manganese is manufactured in compliance with the international industry standards and norms. Clients can avail the following grades at industry leading prices.

PreRish Tri Exim Pvt. Limited (PEPL) also undertakes orders to supply grades customized to meet the buyers’ requirements.


Manganese 65-70% 70-75% 75-80%
Silicon 1.5% max 1.5% max 1.5% max
Carbon 6-8% 6-8% 6-8%
Sulphur 0.03% max 0.03% max 0.03% max
Phosphorus 0.30% max 0.30% max 0.30% max