China Clay/Kaolinite/Kaolin


White soft plastic clay composed of well-ordered Kaolinite with low iron content. It is made up of a loose aggregation of randomly oriented stacks of kaolinite flakes, smaller packets and sheaves, and individual flakes.

PreRish Tri Exim Pvt. Limited (PEPL) offers a highly versatile range of China Clay / Kaolin mineral powder which is used in various industries. We use best quality machines to ensure the quality. PEPL have carved a niche as one of the leading Kaolin /China Clay Manufacturers in India.

Chemical Name:  Anhydrous Aluminum Silicate

Chemical Formula: Al2Si2O5(OH)4


Kaolin Powder Standard Grades Available:

  1. Calcined
  2. Sanitary ware grade
  3. Tableware grade
  4. Porcelain grade


Kaolinite, hydrated aluminum silicate, aluminum silicate dihydrate, kaolin powder USP, anhydrous aluminum silicate, kaolinite anhydrol, nacrite, dickite, kaolinite, calcined, kaolin, china clay, porcelain clay, kaopectate, bolbus alba, CAS 1332-58-7,

Chemical Properties:

Silicon dioxide (wt%)                       =           56.91

Iron oxide                               =          0.93

Aluminum oxide                    =          39.68

Titanium dioxide                   =          0.54

Calcium oxide                                    =          0.16

Magnesium oxide                  =          0.16

Sodium oxide                         =          0.60

Potassium oxide                    =          0.60


Physical Properties:

Median Particle Sizes (microns): 0.78, 1.02, 1.1, 1.2, and 3.8




Typical Applications:

Actively used as filler in paper, rubber, paint, plastics, adhesives, & sealants. Used in ceramics, glass fiber, refractories, cement, catalysts, agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and textiles


Jars, pails, drums, multiply paper bags, bulk bags and fibreboard containers. For further information on packaging options contact PreRish Tri Exim Pvt. Limited (PEPL).

Packaging may vary according to HAZMAT and TSCA (SARA Title III) status.


Loose Bulk Density (lbs./cu. ft.) ~25
Packed Bulk Density (lbs./cu. ft.) ~ 46
Nominal Hardness Factor (calcined) 6.0
Surface Area (m2/g) 10- 29
Oil Absorption (Gardner- Coleman) 60.0
Cleavage Basal, perfect
Specific Gravity (g/cc) 2.6
pH Value (10% solids) 6.0
Color White
Hegman Grind 5.0
Specific Resistivity 35,000 Ohms/c
Water of Plasticity (%) 26
Linear Dry Shrinkage (%) 5.8