Calcined Bauxite (Powder/Lumps/Granules)


Product Description:

Bauxite is an impure mixture of aluminous minerals. There are four basic grades of bauxite,

  • Chemical grade – (55-58% min. pure),
  • Abrasive grade – (55% min. pure),
  • Refractory grade – (59-61% min. pure)
  • Metallurgical grade – (50-55% min. pure).

Bauxites are typically classified according to their intended commercial application: metallurgical, abrasive, cement, chemical and refractory.

The name bauxite is applied to earthy deposits and rock principally composed of one or more hydrated aluminum oxide mineral species. Bauxite contains a large number of impurities such as silica, iron and titanium oxides, and various other elements mostly in minor or trace amounts.

The hydrated aluminum oxide minerals are gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore. Both boehmite and diaspore are monohydrate and have the same chemical compositions, but diaspore is harder and has a higher specific gravity than boehmite. Gibbsite is an aluminum trihydrate mineral.

Chemical Formula Al2O3 + SiO2 + TiO2 + Fe2O3

Bauxite Powder Composition:

  1. Bauxite is an omnibus term (like wad, limonite, and gummite), widely accepted and used to describe a mixture of more or less hydrated aluminum oxides, but not used as a proper mineral name.
  2. The specific minerals are gibbsite (Al[OH] 3 ), boehmite (AlO[OH]), and diaspore (HAlO 2). In the common mixture any crystals will be microscopic and probably indistinguishable; thus the word is still useful.


Chinese bauxite, calcined bauxite, kiln bauxite, terra rossa bauxite, limestone bauxite, white bauxite, bauxite, bauxita, CAS# 1318-16-7

Chemical Properties:

Purities available from 98% (industrial grade) to 99.999% (high purity grade)

PreRish Tri offers: Abrasive grade, Acid grade, Ceramic grade, Metallurgical grade and Refractory grade

Physical Properties:

Physical properties vary widely according to the mine source. Granulations available include: 50 mm by down lumps, crushed coarse sizes (-3 mesh, -6 mesh, -8 mesh and -12 mesh) and ground powder sizes (-100 mesh, -200 mesh and -325 mesh)

Typical Applications:

Bauxite is used in Alumina Production, refractories, abrasives, chemicals, castables, plastics, and cement. Bauxite should have a positive future as an industrial mineral in minor applications like for use as a propant.


Molecular Weight (g/mol.):  Varies considerably

Apparent Density (g/cm3):  3.08

Bulk Density (g/cm3):  3.1

Calcinations Temperature (°C):         1650

pH: Neutral

Solubility in Water @20°C:    Insoluble

Appearance: Black to gray

VOC: None

Specific Gravity: 2.45- 3.25

Apparent Porosity (%): 8.4

L.O.I. (%): 0.1