Boron Oxide / Boric Acid Powder (B2O3)

Product Description:

Boron oxide is one of the oxides of boron. It is white, glassy, and solid, also known as diboron trioxide, formula B2O3. It is almost always found as the vitreous (amorphic) form; however, it can be crystallized after extensive annealing. It is one of the most difficult compounds known to crystallize.

PreRish Tri is producing fine industrial/foundry grade Boric Acid Powder under quality supervision according the required specification.




Formula: B2O3

Chemical Properties:

Purities available from 98% (industrial grade) to 99.9995% (high purity grade)

Physical Properties:

Pieces, granules, and powder

Typical Applications:

  1. Fluxing agent for glass and enamels
  2. Starting material for synthesizing other boron compounds such as boron carbide
  3. An additive used in glass fibres (optical fibres)
  4. It is used in the production of borosilicate glass
  5. Boric acid will be mixed with salt water to absorb neutrons in the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors



Molecular Weight (g/mol.) 69.6182
Density (g/cm3) as a liquid 2.46
Solubility In Water Moderate
Boiling Point (°C) 1860
Melting Point (°C) 450
Appearance white glassy solid
Specific Gravity 2.46
Fire                          not combustible
Taste Bitter