Basic Ramming Mass (Magnesite MgO Base)


Basic Ramming Mass Description:

When it comes to buying Basic Ramming Mass, our company PreRish Tri tops the list of well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and exporter of these. We are the only company to provide these materials to customers according to the furnace capacity and users needs. In order to have a remarkable mixture, we make sure to do the proper mixing with less wastage, binders, and use boric acid. To give clients superior results, we work devotedly and offer them ramming mass according to their furnace make and capacity,  In addition to this, provided high-quality Basic Ramming Mass are subject to normal aging and are suggested to use within suggested time. 


  • Fine finish
  • Sturdy construction
  • Thermal resistance
  • Extended durability

Types of Product BRM

Basic ramming mass is of two types depending on their application types:

  • Dry ramming mass: Placing of dry ramming mass does not require water. Special additive exhibits strength at high temperature.
  • Wet ramming mass: Placing of wet basic ramming mass requires water. The bonding here developed is a type of heat setting bond.

We at PreRish Tri make MgO based dry ramming mass as well as wet ramming mass (from 70% MgO to 95% MgO).


General Properties
A. Max service temperature 1750 °C
B. Maximum grain size 5 mm
C. Installatiion mode WET
D. Main content MAGNESIA(MgO)
E. Chemical nature EALKALINE
Chemical Properties
B. Alumina Al2O3 3.00%
G. Magnese Oxide MgO 76.50%
A. Silica SiO2 6.50%
C. Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 2.00%
D. Chromium Oxide Cr2O3 9.90%
D. Zircone ZrO2 2.10%
Physical Properties
A. Dry Density 2.8 g /cc
B. Linear Change 0.01%
C. MOR 55 MPa at 110oC/24hr
50 Mpa at 1550°C/3hr
Thermal Properties
A. Refractoriness ( Orton / °C ) 38 Orton cone / 1835 °C
B. Thermal Shock Resistance Good
C. Sintering Temperature 800 °C
Packaging 1 Tonne jumbo bag/50kg bag/25 kg bag
Storage Life 5 months
Application Alkaline material smelting, Manganese alloys smelting, High manganese steel smelting, Especially for manganese alloy series smelting