Activated Alumina/Alumina Ceramic Balls:

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram
Packaging Size 40kg
Packaging Type Bag
Physical State white spherical beads, White Spherical Beads
Usage Industrial, Laboratory, Personal

PreRish Tri Offers Industrial Grade with High-Quality Activated Alumina Balls. It is a filter media made by treating ore so that it becomes highly porous and highly adsorptive. Activated Alumina will remove a variety of contaminants including excessive fluoride, arsenic, and selenium. The medium requires periodic cleaning with an appropriate regeneration with alum or acid. We bring forth Activated Alumina/ Al Ceramic Balls used as adsorbent/desiccant.

Our Activated Alumina Balls are known for high adsorption, wide surface area and Pore Volume and Mechanical strength. They are high on demand for ease of handling, non-corrosive nature, capacity for repeated regeneration, Inert towards the liquid water, stability to fairly high temperature, low resistance to gas flow, great mechanical strength and can achieve low dew point of 75oC.


Applications as Specialty Adsorbent, Catalyst / Catalyst Carrier, Bed Support:

  • Drying of air, gases, and liquids
  • Purification and conditioning of insulating oil and Industrial oils
  • Removal of acidic impurities and trace metal scavenging in organic streams and inorganic gases (fluoride scavenging in HF alkylation and feedstock purification)
  • Removal of oil vapor from gases
  • Purification of drinking water e.g. removal of fluoride compounds etc.
  • Refrigeration circuits, transit packing for goods like electronic pharmaceutical and food.
  • Used as catalyst & catalyst bed support/carriers. Grade FR – I used as fire retardant fillers.
  • As bed toppings and supports to remove impurities from the gas stream
  • Withstand high thermal shocks
  • Useful as inert catalyst support in secondary reformers of ammonia manufacturing plant and also oil refineries and chemical process industries.
  • As refractory bed top plugs support to protect the catalyst bed from thermal impurity.

Adsorption Capacity:

  • 4 g of fluoride for 100 g of media
  • 15 % RH: 6-8 %
  • 60 % RH: 19-23 %

Physical Characteristics:


Appearance White Spherical Beads
Size 3-5 mm / 5-8 mm
Surface Area 325-390m2/gm
Bulk Density g/cc 0.75-0.90gm/ltr
Bed Crushing Strength % min 92 %
Loss on ignition, 1000deg C 7.0-8.0
Free Moisture,% 2


Chemical Characteristics:


Al2O3 % 91 % min
Na2O 0.03 %
Fe2O 0.03 %
SiO2 0.06 %
Water-soluble chlorides (Cl) 0.01%
Water-soluble sulphates (SO4) 0.01%