Acidic Ramming Mass/Premix Ramming Mass(Refractory Grade)


Silica ramming mass, also known as Acidic ramming mass, plays a crucial role in induction furnaces during melting of steel. This substance is used to line induction furnaces and its quality decides smooth working and more efficient output from the furnace.

Ramming mass has a very important quality of withstanding of easily absorbing thermal shocks. It also does not develop cracks because of frequent power cuts during the operation of the induction furnace. PreRish Tri manufacture premix ramming mass containing boric acid (12%) as well as preheated ramming mass. Our ramming mass gives a great performance when it is used to line an induction furnace as it reduces the cost of operations. This is why PreRish Tri remains the most popular silica ramming mass product manufacturer and exporter from India.



  • Prevents short circuit because of high electrical resistively
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Can be used at very high temperatures (up to1700 degrees Centigrade)
  • High purity with consistent quality
  • Can withstand high temperature easily
  • Contains no iron oxide
  • The grain size of silica used according to the size of the furnace
  • Does not expand or shrink with temperature changes
  • Takes very little time to line a furnace



Description Quartzite Powder (0-5)MM ( Plane)
Physical Properties

P C E                                                    31 Minutes

Grading 0 – 1 mm 25% Max
1 – 3 mm 35% Min
3 – 5 mm 20% Min
-200# 20% Min
Limit of Application Temp 1700 oC to 1750 oC
Chemical Properties
SiO2 (%) Min 98 + 1%
Fe2O3 (%) Max 0.5
Al2O3 (%) Max 0.5
CaO (%) Max 0.2
Na2O + K2O (%) Max 0.1